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Amanda, London
Thank you for great instructions on how to swaddle. Your technique of wrapping each arm individually is a God send. Thank you again

Jo, London
Isabel cannot sleep without them”

Abi, London
I want to order 4 more of the packs of bigmuz from you for a few friends who are due.
I love the muzzy's so much they have been SO great to wrap up my little one (who isn't so little anymore!!) and I can see that I will have many more months use out of them.

Lisa, Hertfordshire
Hi Katie - They are WONDERFUL - they work as sheets, stroller shades, swaddling cloths in warm weather, and a multitude of other things - I simply couldn't be without them and keep giving them away to friends who say 'how brilliant' hence having to order more!

Suzie Cullen, London
No Mum should be without at least 6 BigMuz!

John, Manchester
My wife loves the muslins saying they are so much softer than the small ones we have and the size of them makes them so adaptable so I am after another set.

Rose, Hampshire
We use our BigMuz for swaddling our baby (Daniel) as at 4 months he still likes to be swaddled and the muslins are more than big enough to do this. An added bonus is the weather is warmer we can still swaddle without the worry of overheating and in cooler weather we just add a blanket or two. They're also great as they dry so quickly and are lovely and soft, I can see us using them for a long time for all sorts of things - definitely on my baby 'must haves' list.

Abigail, London
We are about to have our first baby in early June and when I asked my friends what the most useful thing was that they had bought they nearly always replied "Muslins"....A very good friend of mine said that the best thing she bought were some very large muslins which she had to order from Australia.  I was very happy when I found Big Muz on the web - the muslins are a great size, extremely useful, delivered on time and good quality.  I've bought a couple of extra packs for pressies for other friends and have told my NCT group where to get them from   Good luck to Katie with such a great business idea!

Vanessa, London
These large muslins are really great for putting over the pram or cot sheet to catch all those inevitable milk dribbles!"

Emma , Scotland
Great for swaddling your newborn baby, the Big Miz is nice and soft and will be lovely as a light blanket in the summer.

Marion , London
"I had heard about swaddling from my ante natal classes.  I came across Bigmuz when searching the internet for summer swaddling material.  I found the Bigmuz the perfect item, economical, cool for the summer heat, easy to use and very comfortable for the baby.  Thank You Bigmuz -

Paula, Hampshire
Hi Katie. Can’t wait for them. Our 10 week old can’t settle without being swaddled and it’s been far too hot to do it with a blanket. We ordered ‘giant’ muslins from Australia and they were only 70cm x 70cm. We’ll be recommending all our friends to you!

Sharon, Herts
Hi Katie, great look forward to receiving them. My NCT instructor recommended them....

Rebecca, London
Hi There I had been looking everywhere for big muslins, as I want to swaddle when my baby is born but am worried about the heat.  All other swaddling cloths on the market are fleecy and thick.  A friend sent me some from Australia , as they use nice thin ones over there, but only sent 75 x 75 and then a friend over here found your site and sent me the details. I am so pleased and will tell all mums with newborns this Summer who want to swaddle to come to you.

Sally, Essex
I've just ordered a couple of packs of your Big Muz's product (they were a godsend for me, and still are and my son's 11 months old), and I would like to send them to a friend as a gift.

Zoe, Dorset
Really useful to put over pram in hot
weather and keep insects out! And as a portable play mat.

Rishi, London
Hi Katie
Yes I did receive the muslins today thank you!! I found the website straight to the point and informative about swaddling. I think large muslin squares are really useful. I never thought of using the squares for swaddling. Great idea. Thanks again for the prompt delivery.

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