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Swaddling Wraps: Muslin Swaddling Cloths

Swaddling Wraps: Muslin Swaddling Cloths

What makes these muslins unique is the fact that they are so big.

120cm x 120cm

100% soft cotton

Strong and natural

Allows airflow

Soft against baby's skin

Other Benefits of the Muslin Swaddling Cloths

Releases soil easily

Becomes softer with each wash

Quick drying

No velcro tags that get caught in your washing

Free from static cling

Thin material, not tightly woven like sheets or blankets

Once you have acquired a muslin cloth you will find endless uses for it.

Other Uses for Muslin Swaddling Cloths

Just handling your newborn in the muslin, I think gives you more confidence, as there is no chance of you catching their delicate skin with your nail or rings.

Also, they can still feel your heartbeat and warmth through the soft fabric.

Place a folded muslin cloth on the changing mat to make it warmer for baby

Covering the pram as an aid to create shade and stopping those unwanted bugs

You can be more widely covered at burping time

Light blanket

Soft towel

Light shawl in warm weather

Comfort blanket

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