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Frequently Asked Questions

Why muslin?
You can easily wrap your baby in this material. Being 100% cotton, it is thin, natural and breathable.

If the room is cold then you may have to add a blanket over the baby.

Why Swaddle?
The art of swaddling a baby goes back to biblical times, wrapping unsettled newborns to sooth them.

It helps your baby sleep longer and sounder.

Most babies love the feeling of being secure. Being wrapped makes them feel comfortable and content as this mimics their experience in the womb.

I have tried swaddling but the arms keep popping out waking my baby.
This technique is very simple to follow. The muslin cloth is wrapped separately around each arm so that they cannot come free.

My son is already two months old. Can he still be swaddled?
Its not too late to swaddle, they love the comfort it creates.

Should I still place my baby on his back when swaddling?
Yes, It is very important to place your baby on their back. For more information go to the department of health and the Foundation study for infant death.

What if I am unhappy with them?
In the unlikely event, please just send them back within 14 days of purchase.

How long can I swaddle for?
As the muslins are so big you can swaddle up to about 7 months, but naturally your baby will decide when they don't want to be wrapped anymore.

The muslin will then turn into a comfort blanket.

Do you post world wide?
Yes, we post our Bigmuz Swaddling Wraps to Europe and the rest of the world.

Just click the BUY NOW button in the top navigation or click here.

Our prices for the Muslin Wraps are:

Europe and Republic of Ireland from £20.95 including p&p

USA and Far East from £23.95 including p&p

How long does take for them to arrive?
Your Bigmuz packet will be with you in about 2-3 days.

More infrmation can be found on our Terms page, howver if you have any other questions please feel free to Contact Us.


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