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With Dr Ella Rachamim

Paediatrician and Mother

I am a London trained paediatrician and mother of identical twin girls and an older boy. My personal challenges have made me really think about how I can help new parents best.

I want to empower new parents
• to feel confident when things are going well,
• to identify when things could be going better, and
• to know where to go to get the right help when they need it.

I work with a team of experienced professionals including a midwife, a babycare consultant, a counsellor, a physiotherapist and more.

Confused by all the conflicting advice around pregnancy, birth and parenting?

Our courses aim to unravel this confusion by offering support, up-to-date information and realistic expectations. Group and individual sessions are available.

Antenatal classes with a focus on parenting as well as
a child first aid course, a postnatal follow up session, outside speakers, advice on how to overcome problems and time for birth partners.

Postnatal classes and support

Twin preparation workshops for those expecting twins or more

Training days for professionals on "Caring for twins or more" and "Postnatal depression"

Please visit my website for more information on the courses and helpful resources, I look forward to hearing from you,

Dr Ella Rachamim

Hip Dysplasia
The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) is a collaborative, international, not-for-profit effort to improve the health and quality of life of those affected by hip dysplasia. Our goal is to provide education to patients, families, and physicians as the most comprehensive and reliable resource for knowledge about hip dysplasia in its various forms.

For more information on go to Hip healthy swaddling at www.hipdysplasia.org

Breastfeeding Tips & Guide
According to the latest studies, babies who have been fed solely with breast milk for at least 6 months have stronger immune system and are less prone to illnesses, and are most likely to maintain a healthy weight.

Sara Spencer
RN,MSN,Clinical Nurse Specialist

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Sleep Baby Sleep

Sleep Baby Sleep is a small, local, Night Nanny and Sleep Consultancy service run by Tina Southwood. Based in East Anglia, she has been a maternity nurse and a baby sleep consultant since 2005, helping families with newborn babies and toddlers to get their sleep on track . Tina has 24 years of experience in working with families, having also been a nanny for 17 years.

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