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About Bigmuz - The Home of the Muslin Swaddling Cloths

My Name is Katie, I am a mother of three, and by the third cracked it. My first baby was a complete blur of feeding, rocking and holding.

The best piece of advice that I ever received was that of swaddling your baby. My children loved it. They were instantly settled, closed their eyes and went to sleep. This led to longer sleeps between feeds and consequently a happier mum and baby.

I am so passionate about it that I have set up this company so that you too can enjoy this "under valued practice". Although I can't guarantee every baby will love being wrapped, the only feedback I have ever had has been of success.

I chose to use muslin as a wrap because of the open weave. I could only find a celluar blanket big enough to wrap my babies which I felt made the babies too hot.

The size of the muslin is unique in the UK, 120cm by 120cm, the right amount of material to wrap your baby.

Having a newborn is a wonderful experience. They grow so quickly, and it is this time that should be treasured with happy and loving memories.

I can laugh at my inexperience with my first child now. Being shown how to wrap a baby so that they are settled was a valuable lesson and one that made those early weeks of having a newborn easier.

After having three children and personal success of swaddling, I feel there is no need to rock and constantly hold your baby to make them fall asleep.

Try wrapping and see how you get on.

It could change your life


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